Que font les mauriciens sur Internet

Que font les mauriciens sur Internet ?

Note : l’auteur de ces lignes contribue à Week-End et cet article est aussi paru dans l’édition du 1 Octobre 2017 de cet hebdomadaire. L’Internet joue un rôle essentiel dans la vie de beaucoup de mauriciens, mais que font les 800 000+ internautes de la République de Maurice quand ils sont dans leur browser ? Selon les statistiques compilées à partir des données réelles des temps passés sur les 3 derniers mois, les mauriciens passent 23 % de leur temps en moyenne sur [...]

FB page custom tab

Marketing using Facebook

The Internet has become such an efficient medium for communication and marketing that any serious business needs to have a presence on the web. Although having a website is generally the best way to establish such a presence, Facebook pages are also highly recommended, given the number of Mauritians that have an account on the #1 social network. Indeed, about 600,000 Mauritians have accounts on Facebook and the number keeps growing every year! Creating a Facebook page is simple enough and is within the [...]

Long Beach Arts Festival

In the heART of Mauritius

The hospitality sector is characterised by acute hyper-competition: competition between destinations, competition between hotels in the same destination. Moreover, the expectations of clients are extreme because, according to several international studies, they consider their vacations to be particularly important and privileged moments to “live experiences that trigger emotions, make one feel free, relaxed and reenergised, take a break, be on their own and with their closed ones…”. High expectations, indeed! Hence, the challenge is to find a different concept that [...]