Artist picture

The hospitality sector is characterised by acute hyper-competition: competition between destinations, competition between hotels in the same destination. Moreover, the expectations of clients are extreme because, according to several international studies, they consider their vacations to be particularly important and privileged moments to “live experiences that trigger emotions, make one feel free, relaxed and reenergised, take a break, be on their own and with their closed ones…”. High expectations, indeed!

Hence, the challenge is to find a different concept that satisfies all the criteria and offers the whole range of products and services, whilst remaining credible, legitimate and consistent with the destination; whilst also meeting client expectations within the immaterial “customer experience”.

Art, the universal common denominator, is capable, like nothing else, of triggering emotions. Art, trigger of imagination and creativity, magic ingredient of what a hotel offers. Art, a symbol of a crossroads Mauritius whose most acute peculiarity is undoubtedly its diversity, its wealth and the plural nature of its population and culture: absolute consistency.