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Note: This article was updated and republished on 16 July 2018

The Internet has become such an efficient medium for communication and marketing that any serious business needs to have a presence on the web. Although having a company website is generally the best way to establish such a presence, Facebook pages are also highly recommended, given the number of Internet users that have an account on the #1 social network. Indeed, the latest statistics for Mauritius show that about 700,000 Mauritians (out of a total population of 1.2 million inhabitants) have accounts on Facebook and the number keeps growing every year!

Creating a Facebook page is simple enough and is within the reach of almost anyone capable of creating a FB account. What is more challenging is to create contents that generate high levels of engagement, or to respond to criticism or negative reviews. These tasks are not only time consuming but also demanding in terms of communication, design or technical skills. That’s the reason why many companies prefer to outsource the task of managing their FB pages to specialised agencies.

At Eruption, we have a dedicated team that specialises in helping enterprises make the most of all that Facebook has to offer: sponsored posts, interactive games, custom apps etc.

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