Indian Ocean Commission ‚Äď ECO SCHOOLS


This video was produced for the ECO SCHOOLS programme of the Indian Ocean Commission. The Eco-Schools was officially launched in Mauritius in April 2015 as part of the ISLANDS project of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) funded by the European Union. For the Republic of Mauritius, Eco-Schools is managed by the Mauritius National Eco-Schools Committee, chaired by the [...]

Esprit Pineapple Coconut drink ad


Once again, the beautiful beaches and people of Mauritius are irresistible. Our client, a South African agency, chose Mauritius and Eruption to shoot this TV commercial. Weeks of preparation were needed to ensure that every thing was ready when the team from South Africa arrived for the shooting. And the results are well worth the [...]

The Junction Business Style


The Junction Business Style is an innovative concept tailored to the requirements of today’s business professionals. This project is a perfect example of how Eruption can help clients by using its unique combination of competencies and skills. It all started with the client contacting Eruption for advice on how to launch Ebene Junction 2, the third project in [...]