Fun World


Fun World offers entertainment for the young and old under 3 umbrellas: Arcade World (arcade games, bumper cars etc.), Le Lucky Strike (bowling, bar & lounge) and Ti Vegas (casino games). Eruption Digital advised on and implemented a Digital strategy that comprised the following services: Design and development of a new website (www.funworld.mu) Facebook pages [...]

The Junction Business Style


The Junction Business Style is an innovative concept tailored to the requirements of today’s business professionals. This project is a perfect example of how Eruption can help clients by using its unique combination of competencies and skills. It all started with the client contacting Eruption for advice on how to launch Ebene Junction 2, the third project in [...]

Residence Foulsafat Guest House, Rodrigues


Benoît and Antoinette Jolicoeur are the owners of Residence Foulsafat, the best known guest house and holiday cottages in Rodrigues. Eruption designed and developed a new website that conveys the essence of what Rodrigues and Residence Foulsafat have to offer: a farm in a natural setting, warm hospitality, eco-tourism, beautiful landscapes and wonderful memories to bring back home! [...]

The “Manzer Partazer” project


Manzer Partazer is a food-sharing project, the first of its kind in Mauritius. Founded by Julia Venn and Davide Signa, this initiative is about ‘saving’ high quality food which would otherwise go to waste, such as buffet leftovers in hotels or restaurants, and supermarket food that is close to expiry, and donating it to people [...]



The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) commissioned Eruption to conceive and implement an awareness campaign stressing on the importance of fighting corruption. Three TV commercials were produced and aired on national television: one to target the young (The Race), another the urban (The Date) and the third the rural population (The Call). The slogan chosen for the campaign [...]

Dive Dream Diving Centre


When Dive Dream Divers, the biggest diving centre in Mauritius, decided to do a new website, they contacted Eruption because they realised that they needed a well-designed website to make a good impression on their clients. Eruption designed and developed a fully responsive and modern website, making good use of beautiful photos shot in the Mauritian [...]

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