Our Services

Eruption offers a one-stop-shop approach to all your communication and marketing needs. We help organisations communicate and sell their products and services using every imaginable media: apps, billboards, email, Internet, print media, radio, social media, TV etc.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Communication and Marketing!

Our Services


Sound Branding & Management, Strategy, Production, Creation of playlist/brand universe.

One-Stop Shop

We cover all your content creation needs, across all media and competencies.

Film Production

Strategy/design/write-up, scouting, casting, production, pre- and post-production.

Project Management

We manage your project and supervise the production chain until final delivery.


Digital Marketing, E-reputation and Social Media management, Website design & development.

Budget Management

We advise on how to spend your marketing budget. We can also manage your budget.


Conception, Art direction, Production, Logistics, Management.


We can be your consultant to help in defining your marketing approach.

and more...

We have our own fully equipped professional recording studio.

We have worked on almost every genre of film production: Corporate videos, documentaries, feature films, TV commercials…

We have managed the development of some of the leading websites in Mauritius

Benefits of hiring us

At Eruption, we cater for almost every communication and marketing need. You won’t have to run around and deal with several providers.

Our team offers a very wide spectrum of competencies and expertise. From audio and film production to digital and marketing strategy, we have an in-house expert for you.

We are experienced in communicating and marketing to different industries. Whether you are in Finance, Manufacturing, Services or Technology, we can talk.

Our team has an international experience to boast about: we have worked for some big clients in China, England, France, Germany and South Africa.

You benefit from working with Eruption