Eruption offers a one-stop-shop approach to all your communication and marketing needs. We help organisations communicate and sell their products and services using every imaginable media: apps, billboards, email, Internet, print media, radio, social media, TV etc. You won’t have to run around and deal with several providers. Our team offers a very wide spectrum of competencies and expertise. From audio and film production to digital and marketing strategy, we have an in-house expert for you.

We are experienced in communicating and marketing to different industries. Whether you are in Finance, Manufacturing, Services or Technology, we can talk. Our team has an international experience to boast about: we have worked for many big clients in China, England, France, Germany and South Africa.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Communication and Marketing!

We are experts in Digital Marketing and Internet strategy. We advise on and implement digital strategies to help businesses do e-business.

Many organisations have a website or a presence on social media without an Internet Strategy. Not having a clearly defined strategy is the cause of many enterprises’ lack of success on the Internet.

The Eruption digital team manages the Internet presence of dozens enterprises and can help you in your Internet strategy.

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You establish your presence online via your website. That is why we think it’s very important that you make a good first impression on your website visitors. At Eruption, we do not just design nice looking websites, but we also pay particular attention to the User Experience (UX) to ensure that the visitor leaves with a favourable impression.

With our website development service, we bring you results and get people clicking!
We also offer a full range of Cloud hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Contents creation and updates, Domain name management, Maintenance and support services.

We offer a full range of video and film production services: Casting, scouting, logistics, film direction, editing, post production etc.

We have worked on almost every genre of film production: Corporate videos, documentaries, events videos, feature films, TV commercials…

Eruption is the leading film production company, trusted by companies and organisations of all sizes and from all sectors.

We have a fully sound-proofed, professionally equipped sound recording studio. Our talented sound designers can meet all your recording needs: radio spots, PABX messages, video voice overs etc.

We can also advise you on your Audio and Sound Branding by building solidly a brand sound that represents the identity and values of your brand in a distinctive manner.

Created in 1996, we are the longest-serving commercial recording studio on the island.

Solutions For Your Communication & Marketing Problems